High temperature sintering furnace

MAHLER High Temperature Sinterung Furnace for Sinterung of PM parts in protective atmosphere up to 1300°C. The Roller hearth furnace can be operated with pure hydrogen and achieves high throughput capacities despite of compact dimensions.

  • effective width (customizable)
  • throughput 500 kg/h
  • heating gas / electro
  • atmosphere 100% hydrogen or N2/H2 - gas mixture
  • up to 1300°C

    (higher on request)

  • process control
  • high temperature sintering
  • high temperature annealing


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Detailed description


  • High capacity
  • Compact design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Highest temperautre uniformity
  • Low maintenance costs

Available options

  • sectional speeds possible (e.g. for fast movement into the cooling section)
  • sinter-hardening section
  • convective cooling zone with gas flow control
Dewaxing zone:
  • Rapid Burn-Off Zone or
  • slow dewaxing with after burning
  • WIZCON process visualization
  • Cooling water re-cooling system
  • Tempering section
  • Automatic adjustment of doors according to the height of the parts
  • Automatic adaption of protective gas quantity