Mild Steel Applications

MAHLER Belt Furnace for brazing and annealing of mild steel parts under exogas atmosphere. Due to the integrated protective gas generation inside the furnace MAHLER exogas furnaces belong to the most economic heat treatment plants available on the market.

  • useful width up to 1.300 mm

    upon customer request

  • throughput up to 350 kg/h


  • Length of the heating zone up to 10.000mm
  • Heating electrically or with gas
  • atmosphere exogas or hydrogen/nitrogen mixtures
  • 550 - 1150 °C
  • process control
  • annealing
  • brazing


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Detailed description

  • Useful width: up to 1,300 mm (more on request)
  • Throughput height: up to 350 mm (more on request)
  • Length of the heating zone: up to 10,000 mm  
  • Atmosphere: Exogas or hydrogen/nitrogen mixtures
  • Temperatures: 500 - 1150°C
  • Heating: electrically or with gas



  • Transport device with conveyor belt or roller hearth
  • High capacity
  • No muffle required
  • Protective gas provided through partial combustion of a fuel gas (natural gas, propane, LPG) or a nitrogen/hydrogen mixture inside the furnace. Requires no separate protective gas generator from 850 °C upwards! 
  • Saves energy through generation of protective gas inside the furnace