MAHLER Industrial Furnaces – Quality, Know How, Experience

The roots of MAHLER, a company with tradition, date back to the year 1864. The shop that started in the 20's with the production of kitchen stoves became in the 50's a manufacturer of industrial furnaces for the various heat treatments of metals, especially in a protective atmosphere.
In 1952 already we supplied the first protective gas furnace for bright annealing of 18/8 Cr-Ni steel. In 1964 the first protective gas continuous furnace with incorporated exogas generator to bright braze low carbon steel was supplied.
In 1980 we delivered our first sintering furnace with incorporated endogas generator, thus laying the cornerstone for our success in the powder metal industry.

In 1991 we received the Award of Merit for "PM Processing Technology" from the European Powder Metal Association (EPMA) for the new development of a modern sintering furnace for sinter-hardening with rapid dewaxing zone, incorporated endogas generator and a gas quench unit.
Over the decades the name MAHLER became a term for innovative heat treatment and up-to-date and efficient furnace production.

Our Know-how - Your Success!


Examples for industrial applications:

  • Automotive industry and its sub-suppliers
  • Heat treatment shops
  • Manufacturers of powder metal components
  • Coin industry
  • Manufacturers of bicycles
  • Suppliers for mining and well drilling
  • Fittings, hydraulics, pneumatics
  • Medical engineering
  • Precision engineering components
  • Electrical engineering
  • Aluminium industry